AgroChem, Inc’s Hay & Forage Products Receives EPA Approvals

AgroChem, Inc. is proud to announce it has received EPA approvals for additional lines of its hay and feed preservatives. AgroChem’s HayFresh, HayFresh+Plus and ForageGaurd are now EPA compliant for use on corn, feed blends, haylage, and silage including wrapped high-moisture hay and feed blends. “Receiving these EPA approvals significantly expands the number of uses […]
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New AgroChem Footbath Dosing System Ensures Consistency, Saves Time, and Money and Eliminates Human Error

The Footbath Dosing System from AgroChem, Inc. delivers a precise quantity of pre-mixed footbath concentration at the touch of a button, with no manual measuring or mixing required. The comprehensive, automated system ensures consistency, helps reduce costs, enhances accuracy, improves worker safety and improves overall hoof health. The system can be programmed for use with two […]
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Ron Robinson Joins the AgroChem Team

AgroChem Inc. is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ron Robinson, who will join the AgroChem team as Sales Manager. Robinson will focus on new business development opportunities. “We are very excited to welcome Mr. Robinson to the AgroChem team. He offers many years of experience in the dairy industry,” said DeMarco. “His extensive […]
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DuraHoof Organic Footbath listed for use on organic dairies

DuraHoof Organic Footbath, a pre-mixed copper sulfate footbath concentrate designed to control most forms of infectious hoof diseases, is listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use on organic livestock operations. It is manufactured by AgroChem, Inc., a leading supplier of chemical solutions for the dairy industry. OMRI listings are used by organic certifying […]
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Fast Growing Firm Supports Dairy Industry

By Paul Post, The Saratogian (SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – October 18, 2016) John DeMarco could have retired 11 years ago when his pharmaceutical chemical firm lost its biggest customer, which moved out of state. Instead, at 55, he began looking around for a need to fill and found it on upstate New York dairy farms. […]
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AgroChem Relocates to New Production Center

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY - September 20, 2016) AgroChem, Inc. moved its entire operation - manufacturing facilities, laboratories, administrative offices and all -- to a brand new, 38,000-square foot production center on five acres in Saratoga Springs, New York. Our new address is more than just a bigger, better space. It's an historic investment in the future […]
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