DuraHoof Organic Footbath listed for use on organic dairies

DuraHoof Organic Footbath, a pre-mixed copper sulfate footbath concentrate designed to control most forms of infectious hoof diseases, is listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use on organic livestock operations. It is manufactured by AgroChem, Inc., a leading supplier of chemical solutions for the dairy industry.

OMRI listings are used by organic certifying agents to ensure livestock operations or food processors are in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Dairies certified as organic must meet a broad range of criteria, including sanitation practices, to minimize the occurrence and spread of diseases.

The OMRI listing allows organic operations to utilize the product in accordance with the NOP’s requirements to help reduce the incidence of digital dermatitis and other hoof problems. According to AgroChem President Rob DeMarco, “The OMRI listing ensures organic dairies can use DuraHoof Organic Footbath with confidence to reduce footbath costs and keep their cows’ hooves healthy.”

DuraHoof Organic Footbath is an all-in-one, easy-to-use footbath concentrate that eliminates the need to measure and mix dry copper. The product promotes hoof hardness and kills bacteria associated with infectious hoof diseases, including digital dermatitis. DuraHoof OrganicFootbath combines the ideal amount of copper and HoofMax to remain effective for up to 400 cow passes and help reduce copper loading on land. HoofMax ensures optimal footbath chemistry so that copper ions remain active longer compared to traditional footbaths.

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading supplier of various chemical products for the dairy industry including hoof care products, teat dips, parlor cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives. For more information, visit www.agrocheminc.com