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Your Laundry Care Solution.

AgroChem offers the latest in laundry chemical technology products. Our products are specially formulated for use in commercial, institutional and industrial laundry operations. Our fiber-friendly formulas are gentler on fabrics than bleach and use less water than traditional laundry programs, while also allowing you to save energy with proven effectiveness at temperatures as low as 68°F / 20°C.

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Specialty Products


Proven to be more gentle on fabrics than bleach alternatives


Lower temperatures and less water = more efficient wash cycles

Saves Water

Reduces water use to decrease costs and help the environment


Cleaning oxidant that gets the job done right the first time
AgroKleen CP 500x500
AgroKleen P 500x500
AgreoKleen L 500x500
Kleen All 500x500
Kleen Pak 500x500
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