Chemical Solutions For Milking Robots

Optimize Your Dairy Operations with AgroChem’s Robot-Specific Chemical Solutions

AgroChem offers industry-leading teat dips and milk house chemicals designed specifically to be compatible with industry-leading robots. If you are a farm that has upgraded to robots already, now’s the time to upgrade your chemical solutions too, with products designed to maximize the return on your investment.

 Our Comprehensive Range of Robot-Specific Chemicals:

  • Teat Dips: Our industry leading teat dips are crafted to work seamlessly with automated systems, providing excellent protection against mastitis-causing organisms. Our formulations help maintain teat health and enhance milk quality, ensuring your robotic systems deliver optimal results.
  • CIP Solutions: Keep your milking equipment in pristine condition with our CIP (Clean-In-Place) solutions. Designed for thorough cleaning, our products ensure that your robotic systems are free of contaminants and residues, maintaining the highest standards of dairy hygiene.
  • Brush Cleaners: Our brush cleaners are formulated to effectively clean and sanitize the brushes in automated milking units. Regular use helps extend the life of your equipment and ensures consistent cleaning performance.
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