Milk House Solutions

Milk House Solutions to Keep Your Dairy Running Smoothly.

AgroChem cares about the success of your dairy operation. We understand the importance of properly cleaning and sanitizing your milking systems. When your systems are properly cleaned and sanitized you get the benefits of:
  • Maintained milk quality – your herd’s produce will be cleaner, safer and more palatable
  • Improved facilities – milking parlors look better, thus impressing inspectors
  • Lower repair costs – with no residue build-up, your milking systems break down less often
  • Prolong equipment lifespan – a cleaner system will operate for longer
  • Provide larger profits – cleaning and sanitizing your milking equipment leads to lower bacterial count which will result in premium payments
That is why we’ve developed some of the most advanced dairy hygiene products on the market for all your milk house cleaning challenges.

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Milking Parlor Pipelines

Cleaning of a milking parlor pipeline typically involves four steps:
  1. Warm water rinse (no higher than 110°F/43°C)
  2. An alkaline detergent
  3. An acid rinse
  4. Sanitization
AgroChem offers products that not only address each of these steps, but in some cases accomplishes two steps in one product.

Milk House Products

AgroChem AgroSan Plus
Agro Solv
One Step PAA 500x500
Oxy Strike 500x500
One Step CIP Detergent 500x500
Oxy San Acid Sanitizer 500x500
Surchlor 500x500
AgroClean logo
Cyclone 500x500
Vortex 500 500
Strong Hold 500x500
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