Ron Robinson Joins the AgroChem Team

AgroChem Inc. is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ron Robinson, who will join the AgroChem team as Sales Manager. Robinson will focus on new business development opportunities.

“We are very excited to welcome Mr. Robinson to the AgroChem team. He offers many years of experience in the dairy industry,” said DeMarco. “His extensive knowledge of dairy chemicals and improving milk quality will be valuable to our customers and our team.”

Robinson has over 37 years of experience in the dairy industry in everything from dairy chemicals, milk processing and milk quality consulting. He will be instrumental in helping dairy producers to produce the best quality milk according to their unique dairy needs.

AgroChem, Inc. is a leading supplier of various hygiene products for the dairy industry, including hoof care products, teat dips, parlor cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives. For more information, call (518) 226-4850 or visit