Udder Care Solutions

When You Choose AgroChem Teat Dips, Sprays And Barriers, You Can Be Confident You’re Protecting Your Assets With The Most Advanced And Safest Formulations On The Market, Made Without Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs).

AgroChem is also your first choice for hoof care products, milk house chemicals, hay and feed preservatives and other advanced chemical solutions for a healthy business.

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Iodine Dips

Bova Guard
Alpha Pro
Smart Dip
Premier Barrier
Arctic Guard

Chlorine Dioxide Dips​

Agrochem XT ultra Udder Care Products
XT Pre Post
XT Barrier
Agrochem 22c Udder Care Products
Xtra 7 Logo
Xtra Guard Logo
Agrochem XTRABlu new

Other Dips​

Agrochem Aura Pree Post Udder Care Products
Agrochem Aura Barrier Dip Udder Care Products
Agrochem Auro Ultra Mist AMS Udder Care Products
Agrochem Aura Concentrate Udder Care Products
Prep 8X Logo
Ultra Soft
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