Footbath Dosing System

Now Footbath Dosing Comes With An Extra Dose Of Confidence.

The AgroChem Footbath Dosing System reduces the opportunity for human error in footbath preparation, delivering accurate dosing that assures you of consistent performance, cow after cow. Learn more here.
  • Fully automated system eliminates human error and labor associated with mixing chemicals for footbaths.
  • Delivers a precise, accurate mix of hoof care chemicals at the touch of a button.
  • Easy to program and customize for your dairy operation.

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Footbath Dosing System Solutions

Boost Your Footbath Program In One Step
  • Delivers a precise, accurate quantity of pre-mixed footbath solution at the touch of a button for consistent results.
  • No manual mixing or measuring required.
  • Minimizes human error in footbath preparation for improved human and animal safety.
  • Contains two different pumps to run two different products (HealMax™ , DuraHoof™ or Ultra2n1) separately or in rotation.
  • Fills the footbath with the right amount of water and chemicals for healthy hooves.
  • Easy to program and customize for your dairy operation.
  • Can accommodate multi-alley footbaths running one or two products in rotation.
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