Variables In Cow Flow: How It Can Impact Your Operation

Watching cow flow from the beginning in the stalls can reveal underlying issues.
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Maximize Performance & Efficiency of CIP Routines

When it comes to a dairy’s clean-in-place (CIP) routine and products, “That’s the way we have always done it” could be costing you milk quality. With money at stake, let us take a refresher on the CIP basics.
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Clean? Sanitize? Disinfect? What's the difference?

The words clean, sanitize, and disinfect are often used interchangeably. But there is a significant difference between the terms, and technical differences as well.
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Economics of Efficiency: Teat Dips

Teat dip is an integral part of keeping good milk quality numbers. There are many methods to apply the dip and an even greater number of germicides to choose from today, but one rule reigns supreme: GET DIP ON ALL OF THE TEATS!
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Switching A Footbath To The Night Milking

What time of day should you run the footbath?
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Calculate The Hidden Costs Of Footbaths

When it comes to footbath products, you need to look beyond the sticker price.
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