Switching A Footbath To The Night Milking

What time of day should you run the footbath?
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Calculate The Hidden Costs Of Footbaths

When it comes to footbath products, you need to look beyond the sticker price.
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Winter Teat Health

Winter brings many challenges to a farm operation. Many factors can go into what type of dip to use.
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5 Factors For Better Hoof Health

When it comes to hoof health, there are many factors that go into making sure your cows have healthy hooves. Many of these get overlooked, as they may seem trivial, but are all important to keep hooves healthy. Cow comfort If cows are comfortable, they will lie down and get off their feet. If they are […]
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How To Label The Type Of Lameness In Your Herd

By definition, lameness is any abnormality that causes a cow’s gait to change. However, within this broad term are very specific types of hoof lesions and injuries, and each requires specialized treatment for the best recovery opportunity. There are several causes of lameness found on a dairy farm. They range from biomechanical injuries to infections […]
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Footbaths have become a staple in dairy operations looking to treat or prevent infectious hoof diseases. But when a footbath becomes dirty or diluted, it provides no benefit and may even create additional problems. Some producers have incorporated a pre-wash into their hoof hygiene program; others aren’t sure they’re worth the time and trouble. Here are some […]
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