Udder Care Solutions

AgroChem USA offers top-quality udder care products for dairy cows. Our range includes pre-and-post milking teat dips to keep your herd healthy and productive. 

Iodine Products

Alpha Pro
Smart Dip
Premier Barrier
Arctic Guard

Chlorine Dioxide Products

Agrochem XT ultra Udder Care Products
XT Pre Post
XT Barrier
Agrochem 22c Udder Care Products
Xtra 7 Logo
Xtra Guard Logo
Agrochem XTRABlu new

Other Products

Agrochem Aura Pree Post Udder Care Products
Agrochem Aura Barrier Dip Udder Care Products
Agrochem Auro Ultra Mist AMS Udder Care Products
Agrochem Aura Concentrate Udder Care Products
Prep 8X Logo
Ultra Soft
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