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Teat Dip Germicide Options

With so many teat dip options on the market, what germicide is best for my operation>
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Conditioning packages in teat dips: Does the percentage really matter?

Do you really know the conditioning (or emollient) package? At the dairy level, we all gauge the effectiveness of a conditioning package by the percentage of emollient included; however, there is much more to it than just the percent of conditioners.
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Inspect Your Operation Before Changing Dips

Typically, when SCC goes up, teat dip is the first place that gets examined, however, there are other instances and locations on a farm that also need to be inspected and maintained to help keep your counts down.
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Economics of Efficiency: Teat Dips

Teat dip is an integral part of keeping good milk quality numbers. There are many methods to apply the dip and an even greater number of germicides to choose from today, but one rule reigns supreme: GET DIP ON ALL OF THE TEATS!
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Winter Teat Health

Winter brings many challenges to a farm operation. Many factors can go into what type of dip to use.
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