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Healmax Study: Safe & Effective

A recent study conducted by Cramer Lab (Gerard Cramer, Elise Shepley, Sair Ordaz) in conjunction with Dörte Döpfer and Kelly Anklam at the University of Minnesota has shown that Healmax, a footbath additive for the dairy industry, is just as effective as copper sulfate in preventing and treating foot infections in cows. Digital dermatitis (DD) […]
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Importance Of A Proper Footbath

He was running dry copper sulfate but wasn’t running it at the proper percentage or frequency to have the desired results. Therefore, a lot of time and money was being wasted, as well as missing out on a lot of production.
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Footbath Design: Wider May Be Better

Footbath design has traditionally been long and narrow. However, shorter and wider may be the best way to go.
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How Much Copper Is In Your Footbath?

Are you getting the amount of copper you need for what you are paying?
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Economies Of A Copper Footbath

The popularity of copper sulfate footbaths can be attributed to both its perceived relatively low cost per cow pass, however with recent increase to copper, it may be time to look for alternatives.
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