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Healmax Study: Safe & Effective

A recent study conducted by Cramer Lab (Gerard Cramer, Elise Shepley, Sair Ordaz) in conjunction with Dörte Döpfer and Kelly Anklam at the University of Minnesota has shown that Healmax, a footbath additive for the dairy industry, is just as effective as copper sulfate in preventing and treating foot infections in cows. Digital dermatitis (DD) […]
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Automate Your Footbath

Through automation of your operations footbath, you can generate short and long-term benefits. Precise Measurements Eliminate Chemical Handling Reduced Labor Costs & More Learn from our team of experts Friday September 9th, 11:00AM EST on automation can benefit your dairy farm. Register today https://bit.ly/3ReS4Ji
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Teat Dip Germicide Options

With so many teat dip options on the market, what germicide is best for my operation>
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Importance Of A Proper Footbath

He was running dry copper sulfate but wasn’t running it at the proper percentage or frequency to have the desired results. Therefore, a lot of time and money was being wasted, as well as missing out on a lot of production.
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