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When it comes to cleaning and sanitation, AgroChem has you covered. We have shifted some of our capacity toward the production of hand sanitizer for local hospitals, first responders, among others on the front lines of this battle.

AgroChem offers a variety of retail-ready and refill hand sanitizing products. Please choose which best suits your needs.


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Hand Sanitizers

  • 70% alcohol-based antibacterial hand sanitizer gel.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients including aloe.
  • Available in several sizes listed below.
  • Manufactured in FDA Approved facility
industrial hand sanitizer dispenser

24 Ounces

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Quart Size

industrial sanitation

Gallon Size

industrial sanitation near me

16.9 Ounces

industrial sanitation products

8 Ounces

industrial sanitation products near me

4 Ounces

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