New Advances Make HoofMax® Footbath Additive More Effective and Convenient for Dairy Producers

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – JULY 7, 2014) In its latest example of product innovation, AgroChem, Inc. has made two new improvements to its HoofMax® additive for copper sulfate footbaths:

•    An advanced surfactant now helps to prepare the surface of the hoof so that copper ions can penetrate and adhere to the horn, improving available copper for killing pathogens and promoting hoof hardness.
•    New dark blue dye makes it easy to identify the product in the container and footbath.
The new and improved HoofMax cleans better than original product, according to early field reports.
HoofMax® by AgroChem, Inc. is the original chemical additive designed to boost copper sulfate potency and remain active in the presence of organic matter. Its highly concentrated formula allows dairy producers to achieve the same level of control with substantially less copper than regular copper sulfate footbaths – up to 80% less.

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