Contract Manufacturing

Explore our chemical contract manufacturing FAQs to discover more about what AgroChem can provide you as your dedicated contract manufacturing partner.
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Are We A Chemical Contract Manufacturer?

Yes, we provide contract manufacturing services to a wide range of industries including Dairy, Agrochemical, Wastewater and Personal Care as well as many more, and specialize in the creation of liquid blend chemicals with specific development criteria and unique properties.

With a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility we are equipped to facilitate large scale chemical toll manufacturing for you. All processes are fully controlled and traceable and we guarantee confidentiality ensuring you maintain exclusive control over the intellectual properties of your chemical formulation.

Where Is Our Contract Manufacturer Located?​

Our manufacturing plant is situated in Saratoga Springs, New York, at the following address.
AgroChem, Inc
26 Freedom Way
Saratoga Springs, New York
12866, USA

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Contract Manufacturer?

Maintain Exclusive Control Over The Intellectual Properties Of Your Chemical Product.
Lower Manufacturer Costs.
Utilize Our Experience And Passion For Chemical Contract Manufacture.
Avoid Capital Investment In Facilities And Resources.
Streamline Your Time-To-Market.
Confidentiality Guaranteed.

Which Markets Do We Currently Service?

We service customers internationally and can provide contract manufacturing requirements to various industry sectors including: Agrochemical, Building, Craft Breweries, Dairy, Detergents, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Laundry, Paper & Pulp, Plastics, Power & Energy, Recycling & Waste, Textile, Water Utility, Water Treatment & Wood Treatment.

What Chemicals Can We Handle?

  • Aqueous based chemical solutions
  • Acid blending
  • Surfactant solutions – included in manufacturing processes for personal care and detergent products
  • Alkalis
  • Phosphates
  • Phosphonates
  • Various biocidal solutions

What Production Facilities Do We Have To Cater For Your Needs?

We have expansive manufacturing facilities including mixing & reactor vessels which enable us to cater for the majority of contract manufacturing requirements. With further growth of our facilities planned, we are in the ideal position to facilitate your contract manufacturing needs. We manufacture and distribute over 80,000 tonnes of chemicals each year with a 10% rising production rate year on year.

What Technical Support Can We Provide You?

With our dedicated in-house labs and technical team of 6 on hand, we can support all contract manufacturing development requirement on-site.

On site we have Research & Development labs, Quality Control facilities, chemical New Product Development facilities, Formula benchmarking instruments, chemical Augmentation technology, Dye matching services and full sampling service.

Contact Our Team For Further Any Questions.

For further information on our contract manufacturing services please contact us at 518-226-4850 or email [email protected]

What Are Our Minimum Order Quantities For Contract Manufacture?

We are flexible to your needs in contract manufacturing and ask that we work to a minimum order quantity of 1 tonne for any new product developments.
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